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Below are some testimonials from our valued clients of Boresow’s Lawn L.L.C. Your feedback has been wonderful to hear and keeps us motivated and proud of the work that we do each day. Feel free to send us any testimonials or opinions you have. We love hearing from our clients.



“Having known Mark Boresow through our kids and coaching sports, I first started using Boresow’s Lawn services several years ago after my mower broke down.  After a few mowings and trimmings of the lawn, I decided they did a much better job than I did and therefore never got a new mower – a decision I’m still extremely happy with today!  Besides the excellent job Jerry Judd and his team do with the lawn, I also use other services like seeding, landscaping, mulching and gutter cleaning.  I would highly recommend Boresow’s Lawn for any of the numerous services they provide – you’ll be proud of your lawn and landscape.”

Rick Hawkinson


“Thanks for all the great service you gave us with both the mowing and the snow removal!”

Sharon & Charles Usher


“We have used Boresow’s Lawn for years, and we are consistently pleased and impressed with their service. Their dedication and professionalism show in our lawn. We are happy to be able to patronize a business that not only does quality work, but generously supports the community as well.”

Paul & Renee Gurney

For the first year that my roommates and I lived in our current house, our lawn was hands down the most embarrassing lawn on our street. The previous owner failed to ever winterize (or utilize for that manner) the sprinkler system and we were left with a dead lawn, overgrown weeds, and a large mound in our front yard where a tree had been improperly removed. We hired Boresow’s Lawn to fix our sprinkler system but they provided an estimate for the rest of the work that was far under what we had guessed it would be and we accepted it. They removed all of the dead grass, evened out our eyesore of a mound, completely fixed and programmed our sprinkler system, planted new seed, raked, AND cleaned off our patio while they were at it. Our lawn and yard have taken such a 180 that a neighbor took the time to stop me upon arriving home to congratulate me on finally having fixed up the eyesore and made sure to take note of who had provided the service. It’s rare to receive such a high degree of service and I remain thoroughly impressed with their work. Thank you, Boresow’s Lawn, for making our yard look great.

Sean Kelly


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