Boresow’s Lawn L.L.C. is happy to provide “Personalized Service Year Round” to the greater Kansas City area. We provide free quotes for commercial AND residential clients for all of our services.

  • Lawn Mowing & Trimming – We use a variety of mower types depending on the size and conditions of your lawn.  If you have a preference, we will work to meet your needs.


  • Lawn Fertilization Program –  We typically recommend a 6-step application program plus a lime application.  In most cases, this program includes both spot weed control and grub control.


  • Aeration and Overseeding – Typically recommended in the fall, this process involves removing plugs of soil from the lawn to allow air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots.  In addition, it improves the absorption of water which decreases erosion of soil from your lawn.


  • Sprinkler Activation and Winterizing – This service, typically provided by our partner (DuarTe Irrigation), prepares your sprinkler system for the winter months.


  • Verti-cutting and Overseeding –  Typically performed in the fall, certain types of lawns benefit from verticutting.  Verticutting is the process of turning up thatch.  Benefits include the increased intake of nutrients and water to the soil and clearing out room for fresh growth.


  • Basement/Garage Cleaning – This service is popular during the winter months.


  • Haul Away Services – We can load and remove unwanted items.


  • Leaf Removal – We use rakes, leaf blowers and mowers that bag to remove the leaves from your lawn. Costs for these services are typically based on the number of tarps filled when removing leaves from your lawn.


  • Gutter Cleaning – Cleaning gutters reduces the instances of water problems in your house by ensuring that water is directed away from your house’s foundation.


  • Landscaping –  Landscaping projects vary greatly in scope. From simple projects such as removing and planting new items or adding a new landscape bed to bigger projects, such as putting in a walkway or working with a landscape architect to landscape an entire front, back, side or full lawn, there are many possibilities!  Estimates and recommendations are free.


  • Mulching – Adding fresh mulch to your beds reduces weed growth and helps your plants retain moisture.  We can deliver and provide the labor to place the mulch in designated beds.


  • Soil Placement – We can add soil to your foundation, low spots in your lawn, around exposed roots, and other areas of need.


  • Tree and Shrub Trimming – This service helps to keep your curb appeal and increases the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs.


  • Retaining Wall Systems – Placement of retaining walls can be aesthetically beneficial.  These walls are one way to create a flat surface for your lawn.


  • Drainage Work – Installation of French drains can help direct water away from areas that tend to have standing water.
  • Snow Removal – We offer snow removal when snow depths are two inches or more.


  • Salt/Sand – After snow removal, applying salt and sand improves traction therefore making walking and driving safer.

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