For over 30 years, Boresow’s Lawn was a prominent name in the Kansas City lawn care community. Our family-owned business prided itself on the integrity and attentive care that we provide to our customers. The successful operation of Boresow’s Lawn began with the simple concept of providing “Personalized Service Year Round.”

Boresow’s Lawn L.L.C. was both licensed and insured. Our operational management team was with the company for over 20 years. They helped ensure that our lawn care service maintained consistent quality. With several decades of combined service, our field staff were lawn care professionals. We kept staff certified in chemical lawn applications.


The origins of Boresow’s Lawn began out of a need to help a large and growing family in Prairie Village, Kansas. That family, consisting of the parents with 14 children, started out mowing lawns for their neighbors. With the simple slogan “Grass Need Cutting?” the Boresow Brothers grew that business into a reliable, successful operation. The growth and experience obtained during those early years resulted in two* of the brothers branching out to form their own businesses.

Boresow’s Lawn L.L.C. was founded in 1986 by Mark Boresow. It was owned by his wife following his sudden death in 2009. Manager Jerry Judd and Supervisor Ruben Whitfield managed the day-to-day operations of the business after his death. We are grateful for all our customers and the longevity of the commitment they have shown us.

*Boresow’s Lawn Enforcement is a separate company owned and operated by Jerry Boresow, brother of Mark Boresow.

Mission Statement

Since our company’s early days in the Prairie Village area, we have operated under the mantra of our founder Mark Boresow: “The job isn’t done until the customer is satisfied.” It was Mark’s attention to detail and genuine customer interaction that helped build the Boresow’s Lawn name. Though Mark left us far before his time, his business philosophy will forever be ingrained in the hearts and minds of our staff. His professional values remained the pillars of our business. Every one of our long term employees was dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers as Mark always was.

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