Boresow’s Lawn L.L.C.

Boresow’s Lawn is a full service lawn care provider for the Kansas City metropolitan area. With over 25 years of¬†lawn care¬†experience, we understand the complex tasks necessary to nurture and maintain healthy lawns and landscaping. Our goal is to educate our customers about their lawn care needs and provide them with a complete solution. We operate all aspects of our business under our founder, Mark Boresow’s, philosophy: “The job isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied.”

Boresow’s Lawn’s long list of services encapsulates not only lawn care service, but landscaping, snow removal, and irrigation services as well. With the help of our longstanding partnerships, we provide not only the ongoing care to keep your yard maintained, but the services needed to create a yard to be proud of. We take care to treat each yard as a proud demonstration of what we are able to accomplish.
We are happy to provide potential customers with free consultation and estimates.
Mark Boresow

Mark Boresow


Commitment to Our Communities

Beyond Boresow’s Lawn’s commitment to excellence in lawn care is its commitment to philanthropy. Every year, we continue to support each of our listed charities as our way of giving back to the community. Each one of these charities has a special place in our hearts and a special connection to the Boresow family. For more information on the charities we hold dear, visit our philanthropy page

Coming Soon: Our Spotlight Lawn

As part of our commitment to the lawn care service that we provide, Boresow’s Lawn will be showcasing (using no details, and with customer approval) some of the lawns which we feel best display our body of work. Each spotlighted lawn will come with a brief description of the services that we provide and why they are important in each instance. Be on the lookout for this in the coming weeks.

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